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I highly recommend this company. [Compared with] an hour and a half watching a poorly made film or an unrewarding stroll through a museum, as entertainment goes, our walking tour of Oxford was most enjoyable. We were very appreciative of our guide Simon’s encyclopedic knowledge and passion for this great city

Big thanks to Patrick. Friendly and very informative. His love for Oxford shines through. Thoroughly enjoyed our 90 mins walking the streets of Oxford.

My wife, Vicki and I, would like to extend our sincere thanks to Simon for our recent colleges etc tour. It was one of the most interesting and informative tours we have ever been on. Simon is one of those guys you could listen to all day.

Took the walking tour today with Jeff as our guide.

My wife and I have never done a walking tour before, so have nothing to compare it to, but it was far better than I anticipated.

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable, easy going, kept the group engaged and the pace was just right.

As we wondered around after the tour we heard some of the other tours as we passed them and they seemed to be regurgitating information whereas Jeff engaged with our group.

Walking tours weren’t really my thing, but they are now.

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Jeff.

An excellent tour of Oxford university in 90 mins.

Eric – our guide – was extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, informative and attentive to his clients. He took us through the tour in an organised manner which flowed effortlessly from one area to another. He answered all questions concisely and without hesitation – he obviously knew his history which actually covered a vast expanse of time. We encountered other guides whilst on our tour and it was noted they were nowhere near as knowledgeable as Eric. We would recommend Eric as a superb guide to Oxford University and surrounding area.

JEFF was an excellent tour guide. He engaged the ten year old twins as well as the adults in our group. His knowledge of Oxford was extensive and he highlighted a number of things we could enjoy on future visits. We would warmly recommend him and would choose to book with him again

Fantastic tour with Simon. A small group so plenty of discussion and questions, all answered by our guide who had studied here during his career. We learned so much that we would not have picked up just going round alone. He also pointed out other colleges that would be open to visit that day and encouraged us to explore more after the tour ended. Money well spent. The walk took a full 2 hours even with only four of us to co tribute to the discussion. Recommended.

Magnus was both entertaining and knowledgeable. A thoroughly good introduction to this beautiful city.

Had a great tour yesterday with Big Den. I appreciated learning about the Oxford style of education amongst other things. His sense of humour was excellent and he included each member of the group. The time flew and I am going to research Oxford more. Thank you

Ghost Tour – Our guide, Tobias, was brilliant; knowledgeable, funny and charismatic! The tour was packed with local history and ghostly tales as well as some Tolkien and CS Lewis anecdotes. Would definitely recommend!

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