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On the spur of the moment, my mom and I decided to learn more about the history of the place of my doctoral studies. Our walking tour with Jeff was an eye-opener and I highly recommend him as a tour guide!


Our walking tour with Jeff was most enjoyable and opened the doors to the secrets of college history spiced with colourful anecdotes. Thank you!


An impromptu decision to join a walking tour turned into a very entertaining hour and a half indeed. Jeff has a great manner about him which even kept my teenager entertained.


I’d just like to leave some feedback from the Ghost Tour I did last night (3rd April).

The tour guide I had was a young lady, she said she was Canadian but I didn’t catch her name! She did an amazing job! She had lots of knowledge about the people/history she was speaking about and was able to answer questions the people in the group asked. She told the stories professionally and had a good sense of humor too. She made the stories interesting and told them in a way that’d left you thinking if ghosts really existed or not! I really enjoyed the tour with her and I hope she gets an opportunity to run the tours more often!


A most interesting and enjoyable tour led by Jeff, who was a mine of information- thank you.


Last Saturday 25th November we did the tour with guide Jeff.  It proved to be the best city tour we have been on thanks to Jeff’s amazing knowledge of Oxford and his manner of putting the words across


We enjoyed a fantastic afternoon with our tour guide Magnus, he was informative, humorous and made us feel like he enjoyed every minute.

The Tour started at 4pm, just as the sun was setting. We were thus able to see into many buildings , as they turned on the lights for the evening, a view one would not normally get during a full daylight tour.

A tour worth every penny!,

David and Nico


What a delight! Yes, lots of ghosts but also literary history, political intrigue, and movie trivia. A terrific evening’s entertainment,


My husband and I took a tour from London to see Warner Bros Studios and Oxford. Our tour guide in Oxford was a charming gentleman by the name of Magnus. He was knowledgeable, entertaining, and had a wonderful sense of humor. He is a true asset to your company, and made our time in Oxford a our joy. Thank you


Excelent!! I reccomend it very much. Magnus was very pleasant guide, very informed and with this tour you will get to visit the most important sites of Oxford and get a good review of it´s history


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