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On Monday November 30th we joined a guided tour given by Jeff. The tour was recommended by the tourist information office, yet, based on past experience, this is no guarantee. No sooner than the tour started, we realized, much to our delight, that we had made an excellent choice. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, fluent and amusing. We were absolutely mesmerized by him, and by the end of the tour we were amazed to discover that nearly 3 hours had passed. Thank you Jeff for an unforgettable tour of Oxford. I would certainly recommend Jeff to anyone visiting Oxford.


Went on a walking tour with Jeff on Thursday, 23rd July and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was probably the most captivating guided tour we have ever been on. It was easy to tell that Jeff had a passion for his work and it was not just a job. He was the type of person that I would have loved for a teacher at school. We also appreciated him taking time out at the end to lead us to a very secluded pub 'The Turf Tavern' which we would never have found if left to our own devices. Well done Jeff.


Monday 22 June 2015. Our Tour Guide, Magnus, was brilliant! He was both informative and so entertaining. In fact he was so good we went on his Ghost Tour two days later, which was also very enjoyable.
Well Done!!


I was part of a walking tour with Jeff (Sunday 19th July) which was excellent as he explained the history of Oxford and how the different halls/colleges developed over the centuries. As a teacher myself, I found the way he engaged with the group very productive, drawing them in with questions and injecting energy as he summarised the collective answers and then encouraging individuals to think deeper. Personally, I found the experience enthralling - so much so that over-running the allotted time, the group would have willing listened to him even longer, such was the interest he generated. A great walk and lots to think on.


Our tour with Jeff was just fantastic. His knowledge, and the way he put it over captivated us all throughout the visit. I would recommend Jeff as a tour Guide to one and all


Absolute brilliant and Magnus was informative without speaking too long on each location. Recommend this tour.


Great history and architecture all over the place. Jeff is very knowledgable about Oxford and provides a wholesome view by providing both sides of the story.


On 2nd April, we very much enjoyed a spine-tingling ghost tour with Magnus. Magnus has a wry sense of humour and is an excellent story teller keeping us in suspense to the last minute. We particularly liked the story of the bishop's head hurtling through the window of Balliol College!


Hello, thanks for a lovely tour on Easter Sunday morning. have done top marks review on Trip Advisor. Only one error I could spot in the guide's info and I didn't wish to correct him at the start of his tour in front of the tour. Eleanor of Aquitaine's marriage to the King of France was dissolved not because it was childless - it was partly because the two children were daughters not sons. Still a very nice tour though!!


We went on the guided ghost tour, which was highly enjoyable. Our tour guide, Magnus, was a great source for so many pieces of information! The tour was entertaining and highly interesting, so definitely worth coming back to. Thank you for a wonderful evening tour through Oxford!


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